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Why Become A VHC Dealer?

Fast Shipping And Direct To Consumer Capabilities

VHC shipping is quick. Lightning quick. Our fully staffed warehouse uses the most advanced inventory management system and tools, allowing us to get items out the door in less than 48 hours. We specialize in fulfilling direct-to-customer drop shipping orders, so our whole inventory is your inventory. Our trained shipping professionals will handle your orders with care, ensuring your customers receive the right products and in good condition – minimizing the risk of returns.

Vast Database Of Product Details

VHC Brands is unique in that we offer our Core Data to all retailers – big or small. Core Data is a database of well over 70 different points of information for each VHC product. Core Data makes the process of uploading our inventory to your website fast and straightforward. Our Data Scientist works with many top-tier retailers such as Fortune 500 companies, and our whole team has a wealth of knowledge with implementing new products into e-commerce platforms. Core Data will equip you to have robust product listings on your website which will drive more sales.

EDI Integration

In a global internet-based marketplace, instantaneous communication between e-commerce platforms is a must. Nothing frustrates a consumer more than having a payment processed and finding out that their product is not actually in stock. VHC Brands has our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) setup through SPS Commerce – the most reliable, most used EDI platform in retail. This completely automated system ensures that any vendor employing EDI feeds will be able to integrate seamlessly with VHC Brands.

Custom & Exclusive Products

Branding is one of the most important aspect to customer retention in the digital age. With the retail landscape changing due to the internet, many sellers face pricing wars from cut-throat knock offs. To combat this, VHC created our Custom & Exclusive programs, where we will work with you to create a custom product that no one else has. Alternatively, you can take over certain existing collections and gain the exclusive rights to buy and sell them.

The VHC Promise

VHC Brands offers more than just the products we sell. A commitment to becoming a VHC dealer is met with a commitment from VHC to providing you with world-class support and service.

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